Live Outside

The 2-in-1 magnetic collar is ready when you are.


Live Outside

The 2-in-1 magnetic collar is ready when you are.


Denali 2-in-1 collar+leash

The most useful collar ever made. Built in New Orleans, USA.

Denali Lead
  • Built-in leash extension

    Your Denali collar has a built-in leash extension that's ready whenever you need it.

  • 100% Waterproof and Weatherpoof

    The magnetic lock is 100% water-proof and 100% weather-proof, so it won't let you down... even in remote locations. 

  • Compatible

    Your Denali collar can also accept all of the traditional leashes you already own, too.

  • Seamless

    Your Denali is sized to fit your dog perfectly. This means your Denali collar is seamless all the way around.

Privilege is Earned

Your took the time to teach your dog to obey commands, and to come when you call.

Denali dogs have earned the privilege to explore further and to adventure beyond a 6-foot leash radius. 

True Freedom

Your dog is trained and knows how to behave off-leash, even in the great outdoors.

Unfortunately, leash laws punish the trained dogs for the sins of the untrained dogs. 

Why should your dog's fun times in the great outdoors be held back by leash laws that were enacted because OTHER people don't know how to train their dogs?

Multi-Use Flexibility

Your Denali collar has tons of uses to take your adventures further, and to make your life easier.

  • Carry less. Adventure deeper

     When trail running, hiking, camping, backpacking, you can now leave your old leash at home. Travel light.

  • Dog-park Pro

    Your dog is leashed from the parking lot to the entrance gate.

    And now you don't have to carry a leash around inside the park.

  • Take Control

    Denali is there, when your leash is at home.

    One less thing to worry about on your trips and adventures.


Carrying around your old traditional leash during hikes is a thing of the past.

You barely ever used it anyway, and you only brought it with you for Ranger Rick or crossing a street.


Hike your own hike, run your own run.

With the Denali, get ready to take your dog anywhere. It's always ready, and it's one less thing for you to worry about.


Hard play is going to take a toll on your gear, that's a fact no one can change. 

Denali customers  use our Re: Fresh program to trade-in their worn-out old collars, for 40% off a brand new one. For Life.

Ambassador Spotlight

"Denali is the perfect solution I've been looking for to have a leash to show the game warden. Rocko and I won't hit the trails without it."