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Welcome to Denali Lead,

Here at Denali we are of the opinion that, if your dog knows how to behave off leash, he shouldn't be held back by the same leash laws that were put in place for unruly dogs and for pet owners who don't know how to train their animals, or don't care to. 

Unfortunately, leash laws punish the trained dogs for the sins of the untrained dogs. 

You and your dog worked hard together and put in the time and effort to learn how to behave in all situations, especially when off leash. Why should your fun time at the park or on a hike be hindered because other people don't know how to train their animals?

Denali Leads are designed for exactly such a situation, so that you can forget that it's even there until Ranger Rick pulls up... Quickly pull your Denali and *poof* you're compliant. Now Ranger Rick can go back to his important duties and you two can go back to enjoying yourselves in the freedom to roam that you've earned.