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The Denali Lead is a 2-in-1 dog collar and leash that's built for adventure dogs. 
Magnets lock the leash extension around the collar when it's not in use. 
When control of your dog is needed, just grab the pull tab and the Denali converts into a collar and short-leash in one. 
The magnets are unaffected by water, dirt, elevation, or weather of any kind. 


What puts Denali miles above the competition? 

The Denali will be the most functional, and the highest quality lead you will have ever owned. 


Competing products all have the same problem: they sound good in theory, but they break when used in the outdoors.

For example, a recoil mechanism located permanently on the dog's collar....just dangling around:


This might sound  good in the store, but this flawed design subjects the coiling mechanism to repeated abuse hanging around your dog's neck while he runs, jumps, rolls, chases, swims, climbs, all with the product dangling off his collar.
In water or brush, the internal components are submerged, mud logged, and clogged with dirt, causing them to fail.
Some dogs are agitated by the sound and feel of the spinning mechanism right on their neck.
 dog park
Other products use velcro on the collar to secure a leash extension... the real-world problem is that over time velcro becomes jammed, and loses it's hold, especially if it's constantly being subjected to the great outdoors.
By contrast, the neodymium magnets in your Denali are made in America, by K&J Magnetics, and are unaffected by dirt, wind, rain, weather, elevation, etc...
the magnets in the denali are fully contained inside of the tubular unibody webbing, and barely visible
These neodymium magnets are made at home in the USA, and are guaranteed to not even begin to lose their magnetic attraction for over 100 years. 
Unlike traditional collars, wherein roughly one-third of the circumference of the collar is taken up by cheap plastic , the Denali hasa seamless appearance all the way around. 
on a traditional collar, approximately one-third of the circumference is taken up with cheap plastic pieces, that are unattractive
In the picture above, almost one-third of the collar is dominated by plastic pieces and hardware, disrupting the appearance, and making your collar look cheap.
The Denali's only hardware is a single piece of solid brass, (made in the USA). This, coupled with the highest quality premium webbing and hand stitching is what gives Denali its superior look and feel:
 Rarely in life is the most functional product also the most attractive.
This is one of those times.