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Denali Lead is designed so that you can forget that it's even there until Ranger Rick pulls up... Quickly pull out Denali Lead and *poof* you're compliant. Now Ranger Rick can go back to his important duties and you two can go back to enjoying yourselves. 
Training a dog takes a lot of hard work, for both you, and your new best friend.
In order for a dog owner to use a Denali, we know that customer has supreme confidence in their dog's ability and obedience -- confidence that can only come from dedicated time spent training together. 
With that as a shared commonality between us, you can see why we consider every Denali customer to be a part of our family. 
Good training is no easy task, but we know that it bears a lifetime of rewards in the countless adventures you and your new best friend will enjoy together, and in the bond you make spending days, weeks, and years together toward the common goal of training.
We want to be a part of that lifetime of hard work and good times with you.