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We are proud to donate all of our net profits to animal charities and shelters.

Here at Denali we are proud to write checks to local and national animal charities and animal shelters from the profits generated by the hard work we do and the Denali Leads we sell. 

Here's how we do it:

$ We generate money from the sales of denali leads
- MINUS: (we reimburse our costs such as labor, raw materials, shipping expenses, taxes, etc).
= EQUALS: $ what's left are our net profits generated


We then take those net profits, and distribute them to local and national animal shelters and animal charities!


We also make quarterly supply donations to local and national animal shelters: When our customers take advantage of our Re: Fresh program, and mail us their worn Denali Lead in exchange for 40% off the price of a new one, we take those old dirty and sun-faded collars, wash them, and donate the used collars to local animal shelters who are always in desperate need of pet supplies. 


To nominate a charity to be on our list of donees, please send us an email!

Charities on our list include:

-K9's for Warriors

-Southern Skies Rescue & Adoption

-Big Dog Ranch Rescue

- Southern California Lab Rescue

-Southern Comfort Animal Rescue